Goat grooming and trampoline tricks

Posted on June 30th, 2017

Our afternoon of fun began earlier in the week when one of the guests asked me why there was a trampoline in the goat field. I replied that it was for the goats and that I was waiting for Farmer Nick to make a ramp for them to reach it. Actually I have been waiting for over a year. The young lad was really taken with the idea of trampolining goats and asked if we could do it while he was here. Finally I had Farmer Nick taking my plan seriously and he began to build the ramp with the help of two our boys. It was harder than he first thought to ensure it was safe for the goats, would withstand the weight of the children climbing up and attach securely. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t attach it with the children but it was just too complicated.


Making the goat ramp for a goat trampoline challenge


All was not lost; sometimes my husband is a genius. He attached the old otter fencing posts with hollow centres to the edges so that I could bring the children up and fill them with twigs to line the edge of the ramp and temp the goats up. This was just what I needed and my afternoon of goat grooming and trampoline tricks began to form.



Billy Goat Gruff bridge challenge


When the children arrived at the games room for activity hour we began a two team challenge. My little toy Billy goat gruff had to cross from the table to the balcony using just the supplies I put out on the table and anything the children collected in nature. They relished the challenge and soon began to plan and build their bridges.



Both teams proudly completed the challenge.

Team goat bridge challenge at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

Nature wreaths

Next we made two nature wreaths for the goats using my printed list of allowable plants. Generally evergreens are a no and most deciduous plants are OK with a few notable exceptions. Rhododendrons are very poisonous to goats and ours were in full bloom so I made sure all the children knew which bushes to avoid with a helpful chart.


leaves for goats to eat and avoid


Making nature wreaths for goats at Coombe Mill Family farm holidays

Goat grooming and trampoline lessons

Our last job on the way to the goat field was to collect leafy twigs to line the edges of the ramp and a handful of their favourite cornflakes. Our friendly goats came rushing over to greet us and wasted no time investigating the ramp to reach the twigs as fast as we could put them in the holes.


Making a natural goat walkway to the trampoline


To my delight they ventured onto the trampoline with the children and happily bounced between mouthfuls of cornflakes while the children groomed them.  



Rocky and Queenie were agreed as the best trampolining goats and the most willing to be groomed so the children crowned them with their wreaths. Needless to say the goats showed their appreciation by chomping straight into them!


Crowning the best groomed goat in a nature wreath


When all the food had gone and the goats finally left their newly accessible trampoline the children moved onto grooming the ponies.


Pony Grooming at Coombe Mill Farm


 For these children it was the perfect end to their farm holiday with us.  I think goat grooming might feature more often in our activities, the goats loved it.  


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