Finding our Coombe Mill in Greece

Posted on July 1st, 2017

We love Coombe Mill; it is our life, our passion and our livelihood. However that doesn’t stop us wanting a holiday from time to time too. In the past this has been tricky, but as the children have grown up they can hold the business together for us, alongside our duty manager Amber, allowing us a few days off.  Last week we took the opportunity to catch up with family in Athens before travelling south to Kyparissia for a few days holiday. What I hadn’t expected to see was a potential Coombe Mill in Greece for sale.  We always have work on our mind, even when we are on holiday, and it certainly had our thoughts racing.

We made a few inquires in the town and it turns out it is an old German campsite with outbuildings that shut down a few years ago. The location is amazing just across from a lovely beach at the end of a little single track lane, yet only a 10 minute walk into the centre of the town.

Spotting the potential

I found myself rather excited studying the abandoned buildings and visualising them transformed into something quite Greek and traditional, yet family friendly and welcoming.


Coombe Mill in Greece


We saw goats, chickens and ponies nearby and the local cockerel woke me every morning so keeping a little farm would be realistic. With views out over the beach and Mediterranean how could we go wrong?


Inside the grounds of a potential Coombe Mill in Greece


The sandy open beach stretched from the town right along to this quiet secluded location. There wasn’t another person in sight while we walked along. 


Inside the grounds of a potential Coombe Mill in Greece


Just a two minute stroll leads to the little harbour and a choice of tavernas. There is even a mini market at the harbour offering basic provisions. However the biggest treat is watching the sun go down sipping a drink.


Kaparissia harbour at sunset

Next Steps

Reality strikes now that we are home. Branching out like this would be a huge risk and the Greek property market is fraught with difficulties and uncertainty. This opportunity will slip through our fingers, but there will be others, and one day we might just take the plunge and expand further afield. Coombe Mill in Greece still has a real appeal to me and would be home from home to Farmer Nick, who is half Greek.