Little Critters Odd One Out

Posted on July 8th, 2017

What is it with the weather this summer? We keep diving between days of rain and scoring hot sunshine. This week has been another scorcher and all the little critters by way of bugs and beasties love it. I think our farm location down in the valley with the river and the lakes is a huge attraction for wildlife. If you are an early riser you may even spot an otter in the river or a water vole scamper past. Farmer Nick regularly tells me they are there; sadly early mornings pass me by!  I have however captured little critters on my farm walks, but can you spot the odd one out?


The lake is full of dragonflies. Their shiny blue bodies glisten against the water and plants. Capturing them while they are still is never easy.

minibeast damselfly on the lake at Coombe Mill

Up in the deer field I have been stalking fawns which hide in the growing bracken. They outwit me every day, leaping from their hiding place and racing off to find their mothers before I can capture more than a fuzzy blur of a photo. I settled for this Tortoiseshell butterfly instead basking in the sunshine on the deer feeding station.

Tortoiseshell Butterfly

I couldn’t resist adding in this photo, clearly the odd one out this gecko is from the walls of a taverna while we were in Greece last week. This is an everyday sight over there and I’m sure I stood out as “that tourist” in a very Greek town standing up to capture this little beastie before he scarpered.

Gecco in Greece

Back here on the farm we have had two weeks of studying minibeasts in our activity hour. From crafts to hunting with magnifying glasses even with a noisy bunch of children we turned up plenty for the kids to marvel over in our fairy gardens.

Analysing little critters under a magnifying glass


Do you embrace little critters or run a mile?