5 Second Rule Jr. from University Games

Posted on July 10th, 2017

We all want our kids to be smart, to love learning and to be sociable and confident growing up. If only you could just wave a magic wand and make this happen. Well I don’t have a magic wand but I do have a game that will bring out these qualities in your child together with a healthy competitiveness and a whole lot of laughs. The 5 second Rule Junior edition from University Games will be a family favourite encouraging the fast thinking wordsmith to flourish in your child. Read on to find out more about the game and how to win yourself one too.

Win 5 Second Rule

Rules of the Game

Players have to answer with the first three words that come to mind before the 5 second timer is up.

Work your way round the board from start to finish. The person to your left reads the challenge card to you and sets the noisy timer running

Land on a 5+5 square and give yourself 5 extra seconds to answer.

Not quick enough with your answers and your counter stays put.

A concession for younger players, like only give 2 answers not 3 to make it competitive fun for all.


Playing 5 Second Rule Jr.


Why we love the 5 Second Rule Jr.

Here on the farm we specialise in making learning fun for children. From educating children about the animals, to educational challenges and crafts in our activity hour, we believe all kids can reach their potential when they are enjoying learning.

Learning on the Farm

The 5 Second Rule fits our ethos perfectly and we will be using it here as part of our activities over the school holidays. In the mean time my own children are relishing the challenge even though they are 13! I think I need to invest in the adult game for us all next.

Need to know

Suitable for3 – 6 players
Age rangeAge 5/ 6+
Produced byUniversity Games
Game includesPlaying board
6 playing pieces
Twisted 5 second Timer
Box of 200 challenge cards with 400 questions
StockistsArgos, Amazon and Toys R Us

Win your 5 second Rule Jr. with University Games and Coombe Mill

If you like the sound of this super popular, lightening fast game of 5 Second Rule Jr. as a fun way to unleash your family’s competitive side and boost quick thinking just follow the instructions below for a chance to win.

5 Second Rule Jr


We were sent our 5 Second Rule Jr. game for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions on the game are my own. Our copy can be found in the Coombe Mill games room for our guests to borrow. My own kids will happily challenge anyone!