Discovering Cornish Pixies at Coombe Mill  

Posted on July 14th, 2017

Cornish pixies are not dissimilar to fairies. They are mythical creatures that originate from Cornish folk law and typically live in forests, moorlands or caves. With Coombe Mill having a forested Fairy garden and being located on the edge of Bodmin Moor we are well placed to host and entertain few pixies and I thought they would make a fun theme for our activity hour.


Discovering Cornish Pixies at Coombe Mill

Painting Cornish Pixies

We began by painting some Cornish pixie pictures. I always find it fascinating to see the different styles between girls and boys. Careful painting in pretty pinks and purples for the girls with bright colours merging to brown for the boys!

Cornish Pixie Paintings



Making Pixie Cakes

Pixies come in a variety of colours but invariably feature wings. With painted hands cleaned up we were set to make some pixie cakes featuring colourful butter cream bodies and wings. I helped each individually with the knife cutting the cake while they chose and added the rest.

Making colourful pixie cakes at Coombe Mill Farm


When everyone had finished they sat in the sun on our Brug enjoying their creations.


Eating Pixie Cakes on a Brug at Coombe Mill Holidays

Pixie Play

Fuelled by cake, my pixie lovers jumped up to embark on some running and rolling down the hill just as they imagined a Cornish Pixie might play late at night when we are all asleep.  



A Cornish Pixie Treasure Hunt

Over in the Fairy Gardens I had hidden 12 colourful Cornish Pixie pictures. The children were excited to hunt for them hiding in the bushes and amongst the trinkets in there.


Hunting for Cornish Pixie cards in the fairy gardens


They enjoyed the pixie hunt  so much that once we found all 12 pictures they asked if they could hide them all again for the adults to find. We duly obliged, twice, before they all lined up to show off the pixie cards we all had to find.


Cornish Pixies in the Fairy Gardens at Coombe Mill family Farm Holidays

Pixie clothes

Like fairies pixies are only tiny. I had a collection of clothes items our pixies had asked me to decorate for them and hang up for them to collect in the fairy gardens. With colourful felt tips the children helped to fulfil the pixies wishes. I hung them all up in the fairy garden as requested and suggested the children kept an eye on them to see if they were taken.


Designing cornish Pixie clothes


Each morning the children came up to me to say which items had been taken overnight. One by one they all disappeared. I think we have some very happy Cornish Pixies dancing round at Coombe Mill. The children are still waiting to see a pixie for themselves but the folk law lives on.



Have you ever come across a Cornish Pixie?



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