Summer Sunsets from Cornwall

Posted on July 15th, 2017

I’m sure I’ve said it before but oh I do love the summer; the warmth of the days, the light evenings and glorious summer sunsets on a clear evening. Here in the valley we can lose the sun quite early but our farmland extend up towards the village where the sunsets are stunning looking out over the rolling hills towards the sea. I often venture up through the fields with my long lens to capture the golden glow against the countryside. It can take a bit of fiddling with the focus to counteract the brightness of the sun, but patience and a steady hand pays off and the result is a rich burnt orange sky against a golden ball of fire.

Summer Sunsets from Cornwall

A little strand of hedgerow shooting up towards the light makes a perfect focal point

summer sunsets from Cornwall


The foxglove in the foreground was being blown this direction but gives the effect of hugging the sun


Foxglove hugging the evening sun


By lifting the focus further from the sun some of the blue hues of the evening creep in. 


tranquil sunset with blue hues


I hope as the school holidays approach there will be many more evenings like this. It already feels as though 2017 will go down as a good summer and we are booking up for 2018 on the back of this.

Summer Sunsets to Dark Skies

I’m hoping for some clear evenings to come as ‘Dark Skies’ has become the new talked about thing in Cornwall. Apparently we live in the best place for star gazing. We do have the most amazing night skies with shooting stars and a wealth of activity miles above us. There has to be some compensation for a lack of street lighting and needing a torch to see your way after dark! My mission this summer will be to try and learn how to capture a little of the night sky and share it here. If you have any tips on this please leave them in the comments for me.