Praise for the Skyhigh Trampoline  

Posted on July 16th, 2017

We make no secret of loving trampolines here at Coombe Mill. Our guests adore the Skyhigh trampoline in the pirate boat play area, our goats make the most of the one in their field and my own children have always had one for themselves in the garden.


Sky High Trampolines at Coombe Mill


We need a new Trampoline

While our 12 foot Skyhigh trampoline for the guests is still looking as good as new, and the goats are quite nimble footed on theirs, my own children have been less careful. Nick and I were going away for a couple of days and decided that was to be the end of the trampoline with no net and rips in the base. The kids were distraught and a replacement was held over them for good behaviour and managing the business while we were away.

Doing our homework

The children kept their end of the bargain and we began researching prices for the best 14 foot trampolines around. We found a selection that appeared a bargain but our kids were adamant they wouldn’t be as good as the 14ft Skyhigh Xtreme 360 they had. As trampoline connoisseurs they have bounced on all their friends’ trampolines and agreed ours had way more bounce for their tricks. When I dug into the technical specifications I began to understand. No other trampoline has the 120 springs of the Skyhigh Xtreme 360 14 foot trampoline. Finally I could see the science behind their gripe.

It had to be a Skyhigh Trampoline

I couldn’t argue with the logic and knowing Big Game hunters offer an excellent service I rang them to place my order. In just a few days it arrived and despite Nick and I being busy the kids wasted no time unpacking and setting the trampoline up on their own.


Kids building a sky high extreme 14 ft trampoline for Coombe Mill


I really don’t know how my kids would cope without their trampoline. It takes up most of the front garden but I don’t mind at all, it is the instant energy release they need after school, during revision for exams or just after a squabble with one another. They may all be teenagers but the trampoline is still where they choose to hang out on a summer’s evening and practice their latest dare devil tricks. I constantly worry when I see them leaping around, but at least I know they are bouncing on the best there is for performance and safety and that’s worth a lot.   


Praise for the Skyhigh Trampoline


Need to facts for the 14ft 360 Xtreme Skyhigh Trampoline


Stockist Big Game Hunters
RRP£515 (this is the most expensive in the range. The 14 ft skyhigh trampolines currently start at just £189) 
Unique FactorGreat Bounce
The Science

Number of springs: 112 (88 in the next best brand)

Length of springs: 210mm

Max user weight: 140kg


Latest stunts from the garden


Sky high xtreme 360 14 ft trampoline in use at Coombe Mill




We were given a small discount on our trampoline as loyal customers. I could have bought a cheaper brand for less but the quality and performance of the Skyhigh Xtreme really is worth every penny. I was not obliged to write this review but chose to share what I believe is the best trampoline money can buy.  



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