The Fishing Lesson that Broke the Line

Posted on July 22nd, 2017

Guy is our resident fishing expert here on the farm. We have two beautiful lakes that often feature in my photos but I rarely mention the fishing lesson opportunity here too. For a bargain £10 Guy will give you an hour’s tuition and set up a beginners rod for you to use for the lesson and keep afterwards. It is a system that has worked well over the past few years. It gives Guy a little pocket money while teaching his favourite hobby to others.

Having arranged one such lesson for after the Sunday feed run last week I decided to creep on in with my camera to capture a few photos of the lesson in progress.  Despite a dry feed run the drizzle had set in so Guy sensibly set up with his Umbrella for them both. A family just the week prior had caught an enormous fish and the challenge was on. They struck up quite a rapport together talking bait and impressive catches while practicing casting.

Setting up for a fishing lesson 

Setting up for a fishing lesson on the lake at Coombe Mill Holidays


Patiently waiting for a catch

Enjoying a fishing lesson on the Coombe Mill Lake

Could this be the catch of the day?

Caught a fish at Coombe Mill Farm and Fishing Holidays


I left them too their fishing lesson convinced there would be no catch this time despite seeing many fish circling the line in the water. Guy returned home looking quite stunned with the rod they had been using in two pieces. It would appear they were on the cusp of beating last week’s giant catch, except our 22lb plus carp was clearly too much for the beginners line. When they tried to real her in it simply snapped. Even the hook had bent itself straight allowing the carp to slip back into the lake. Guy did give the young lad another rod to keep and practice his new found hobby during the week and he proudly showed me a photo on his phone of his 4lb catch.   

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