School Summer Holiday Fun on the farm

Posted on July 29th, 2017

So the school summer holidays are here and we have enjoyed our first full week on the farm. I forget how much the farm dynamic changes as the age range increases over the holiday period. Much as I adore the look of wonder and excitement on the faces of the tiny tots here in term time, there is something equally contagious about the enthusiasm and energy of the older children. The feed runs last that little bit longer as curiosity, stamina and engagement lead to a thousand and one questions for Farmer Nick. It keeps us all on our toes and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This week saw a perfect balance of regular guests and newcomers to the farm. With the regulars leading the way driving the tractor and feeding the animals, it encourages new comers to join in as well. Children learn from one another so much more than from us and without even knowing it they are all mini teachers. By the end of the week everyone is on a level playing field in animal knowledge and confidence, friendships have been forged and memories made.

For Nick and I the rate of rebooking is the ultimate test of holiday fun. I’m pleased to say the school summer holiday season has made a flying start. Fingers crossed the weather is on our side to make each week as good as this past week.  


Farm highlights from the 1st school summer holiday week on the farm

Egg collecting is always a favourite job on the farm.

Egg collecting at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays


We have baby chicks at the moment that the children love to hold.

Holding a chick at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays


Our trampolining goats are great entertainers.


A deer hunt with Farmer Nick is side tracked as the children embark on their own nature jump challenge.

deer field jumping challenge lead by the children


The bunny house is where friendships are formed.

Friendship at the bunnies

Country Kids