Learning Through Play Time

Posted on August 5th, 2017

Last week I shared the fun of the school holidays here feeding the animals. This week the age range is a little younger, at least in part as I have my gorgeous ‘great’ niece and nephew staying.  Seeing the magic of the farm through their eyes and the play time with my children, their ‘big’ cousins, is wonderful. Despite my niece and her family living up in the North West of England, they love to come and visit us at Coombe Mill.

Never mind the age gap

We see my niece at least twice a year and the bond developing between the cousins is a delight to watch. The family connection negates the significance of the obvious age gap with my kids taking on a nurturing role. I wish I’d taken more photos over the week, but that’s always the way when my focus is on enjoying the time together. Still we had a happy week which will keep the all important bond alive until next time.


Time out from animal feeding for a little play time by the goat field whilst modelling the new autumn range from Blade & Rose

Learning through play time


Play time in the garden over the new series 4 Nom Noms making use of our handy Brug

Cousins bonding in play time at Coombe Mill


Hey cousins where are you?

Cousins bonding in play time at Coombe Mill


Not the best photo technically but an endearing rescue of a tired little cousin  at our lovely local pub at dinner time.

 Cousin love

Learning through play time on holiday

The daily activities here on the farm mean it isn’t just my own children and their cousins benefiting from holiday play time and friendships. The morning animal feeding, various play areas and afternoon play areas are all opportunities for children to come together. Learning here isn’t just about the farm, it’s about friendship, play time and a whole range of social skills.  


Becoming friends at play time on the pirate boat, a favourite play area while waiting for the evening train to arrive.

Play time on the pirate boat at Coombe Mill family Farm Holidays

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