Body Boarding the Rapids in the River Camel

Posted on August 26th, 2017

I do love the school holidays for the adventurous spirit of the older children. Every holiday we have someone who starts up a fun river adventure. Years ago it would have been my own children, now I smile as I hear the screams of joy from the riverbank as the next generation discover the wonder of the river. A summer characterised by heavy downpours and sunshine has left the river has been running higher than expected. This has left it at a level that is safe enough for older children to enjoy and fast enough to give the adrenalin and fun factor they all crave. It was a group of our regular guests who delighted in borrowing wetsuits and body boards from our store room to make their own day of fun body boarding the length of Coombe Mill through the river. There were little rapids to tackle and Dad’s on hand to add the extra splash factor at the end by the road bridge.


Body boarding in the rapids in the river Camel


Heading into the rapids upstream

Surfing through rapids in the river Camel

Recreating the rapids downstream

Kids splashing with Dads in the river Camel at Coombe Mill Holidays

Finishing at the old bridge

Body boarding under the bridge


river team at the end of body boarding


Harnessing nature for a day of simple entertainment like this is magical to watch. No play station or X box can re create the fun these children had as they joined hands and boards to speed through the water.  Later that day I told them it was possible to body board all the way down to the start of the Camel Trail. They were only too keen to take up the challenge, and I hoped I hadn’t suggested too much for them as the current was stronger than when my own kids had tried. Thankfully they all managed the challenge and were back in the water again the next day for more.  I’ll put money on this being the highlight of their summer holiday and with any luck the fun factor that will have them returning to Coombe Mill again next year.