10 Reasons to love an Elephant or Turtle

Posted on August 28th, 2017

We love how Quarto Kids books inspire young readers. Their nonfiction ranges may vary but always have something to make learning fun. Weather it is activity books with things that pop up, pop out or stick on or quirky facts that appeal to young minds, they have a knack of picking the books kids will adore. We have been testing two of the latest in their Natural History Museum range; 10 reasons to love a turtle and 10 reasons to love an elephant. Both books are packed with interesting information in bite sized chunks perfect for kids. For your change to win a set read on to find out more.


10 reasons to love a Tuttle or Elephant


These lovely quality hardback books have a ‘reason to love’ on each page. Kids will love the random facts, learning about these ancient animals and boost their affiliation with them. There are also practical tips on how to help with their conservation.


Inside pages of 10 reasons to love a Turtle or Elephant

10 Reasons to love an Elephant

There is so much to learn about these gentle giants of the land and the book gives a wonderful glimpse into their lives.

I was particularly taken with elephant fact 3 which tells of how they spread plant seeds in the forest by eating them and then pooing them out in a different place where they then grow into new plants. I might add the same is true of Sally our pig at Coombe Mill. We had a crop of cucumbers seeded in her old garden the year after we moved her pen, no prizes for guessing what her favourite treat was the year before!

10 reasons to love a turtle.

Turtles are one of the oldest species around today. They are now protected species and the book will help you understand a little about their lives and how we are trying to protect them. We have recently visited a turtle conservation beach in Greece where we saw protected turtle nests and tracks. Everything I learned on holiday was all in the book from Quarto and explained in the most engaging way.  For example in protected areas, like the one we visited, there are no built up areas immediately next to the beach as this could disorientate the new born turtles. They need to hatch and crawl towards the light of the sea to begin their life.

Need to know facts

Price per book £9.99
Published by

Frances Lincoln for Quarto Kids

In association with the Natural History Museum

Written by  Catherine Barr
Illustrated by Hanko Clulow
Available from Quarto Kids online
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10 reasons to love elephants and turtles


I was sent my copies of the books for the purpose of this review. Our copies can be borrowed from the Coombe Mill book store. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.