All Weather Giant Sand Pit Replaces Play Tractor

Posted on September 3rd, 2017

For years I have been hankering after a giant sand pit for Coombe Mill. It has been one of those projects on the back burner for years since our old play boat sand pit fell apart. It takes a twist in events to bump something up the ‘to do’ list; in this case it was finally condemning the old Play Tractor as too rusty and unsafe, after years of happy use.


Old Play Tractor at Coombe Mill Holidays


Now we had the perfect reason to introduce a giant sand pit and the only decisions became where to build it, how big and what toys to add.

Farmer Nick is on the job

The tractor had been down near the river but as this area can flood we decided to build the new giant sandpit higher up above the play fort. The space was limited by the bank behind but Farmer Nick never let something like this stand in his way, with his favourite toy the mini digger the bank retreated. We marked the area out with spray paint and Nick set to work helped by our eldest boys for the heavy concreting and lifting.

As always when Farmer Nick puts his mind to a project, it comes together remarkably quickly. I put the skeleton of the project up on Facebook to guess what we were up to and had a giggle at some of the suggestions with everything from a bar for parents to a lock up for naughty kids!  

The roof began to go on and the boys work was nearing completion so it was over to me to decide what toys to add. I knew just the site to explore and took a look at the sand pits for sale over at Big Game Hunters for inspiration. There I found just what I was looking for, in amongst the fun shaped wooden sand pits was the perfect sand pit toy for us – mini diggers.

While we were building the sand pit all the children were fascinated with Farmer Nick’s mini digger and he had to be very careful to leave it safe and without keys at all times as the little ones couldn’t resist sitting up on the driver’s seat.

Farmer Nick's Digger

Our new all weather giant sand pit ready to use

A sand pit filled with mini diggers was the perfect answer for our farm holiday. What’s more at just £22 a digger they looked a bargain and we ordered 5 for our finished giant sand pit.


All weather giant sand pit at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays


Needless to say both the sandpit and the diggers have been a huge hit with the children here. The imaginative play coming out from the sand pit is a delight to watch. Just listen to the conversation between the boys in this little video clip



It isn’t just boys enjoying it either, the girls have been creating in there too and buckets and spades and sandcastles have popped up between the diggers. The diggers are lightweight and the children can move them round the sandpit themselves to dig and re-dig to their heart’s content. I’m thrilled with this new all weather play feature which I hope will be in use here all year.   


Playing with diggers in the giant sand pit at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

Curious about the old tractor?

Never one to throw things away, the old tractor top is now a mini field shelter in the goat field. As for the rest, the rusty old heap nearly defeated Farmer Nick and the boys towing it out, but with a borrowed flat bed trailer and two tractors they finally did it! I was so terrified for them watching it all with health and safety out the window I never took a photo.


old play tractor as an animal shelter

Stay and play for all weather fun

If you have kids that would enjoy playing in our new giant sand pit and any of our other all weather play areas across our 30 acre farm why not take a look a look at our latest price and availability. We have some great early bird discounts on next August too.


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