August Garden Party for all the family

Posted on September 8th, 2017

It is years since we have held a traditional summer garden party at Coombe Mill and we decided on a whim about a month ago to plump for the last week of the summer holidays after rediscovering photos of our last big garden party in celebration of the Royal Wedding. We still had some late availability so it felt like a good way to give the week a little bonus push. What we could never have foreseen was the glorious bank holiday weather that would make the day a huge success.


August Garden Party for all the family

I spent the previous day preparing by baking cakes and shopping so there would be plenty of food to go around. Nick and the kids  set up games, bunting and the bbq on the morning and were ready to relax on the lawns with our guests by the afternoon.

Garden party games

In true local farm style the big attraction was the tractor pulling. We knew this would be a bit hit having tested it in the past for the kids birthday parties. We simply had two tractors with rope, a start line and a finish line and the kids had to race them over the finish line.



Even when the team events finished the children delighted in steering while parents dutifully pulled them along.


Tractor pulling at the Coombe Mill Garden party


Even the little ride on tractors came racing alongside their parent counterparts.


Mini Tractor riding at the Coombe Mill Garden Party


Splat the rat was next on the popularity list. This age old game never ceases to appeal to grownups and kids alike.


Splat the rat garden party game


The teens spent hours playing badminton tournaments taking advantage of the beautiful still day



Even the little paddling pool, giant 4 in a row and tin can alley were all in use.


Garden party games

Food and drink for all

Playing games in the heat proved to be hungry work and Farmer Nick’s BBQ soon had people drifting over for a drink and a bite to eat.


BBQ at the Coombe Mill Bank Holiday Garden Party


I think my garden party cakes and toasted marshmallows were the food highlights for the kids. They were very patient waiting for me to cut into the cake.


Celebration cake for the Coombe Mill Bank Holiday Garden Party

Friendships to last the holiday

For me the highlight was seeing everyone making friends, young and old alike. Friendships blossomed as the sun set over the valley. Kids ran in groups while adults chilled out with wine.


Making frineds at the Coombe Mill bank holiday Garden Party

Choo Choo it’s 6pm

There was huge excitement as the train made it’s evening appearance, no one could miss out as the railway line ran right though the middle of the party.


Train ride at the Coombe Mill Garden Party


The fun continued until the light began to fade and the dew set in. It was a lovely way to start the week and the weather was simply perfect. I’ll have to make sure I don’t leave it as long to run the next Coombe Mill garden party.  

Our next big party will be Christmas Eve. If you fancy joining us for that why not pop over to our Facebook Page and Win yourself Christmas on the farm.
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