Blue Space for Mental Wellbeing

Posted on September 16th, 2017

To me there is nothing quite like the feeling of salt in my hair and sand in my toes. The seaside offers a freedom all of its own. I listen to the sound of the sea lapping against the rocks, children’s laughter and seagulls chatter and my mind clears. It is uplifting, stress relieving and heaps of fun. Even the news has been filled with the new phenomenon of Blue Space.  Psychologists and doctors are discovering what I have always known; visiting the seaside is good for mind and body. What is good for me is good for my kids too. From tiny tots the beach has been a favourite day out and now as teens this remains the case. The sea has a calling for us all.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been making a real effort to take every opportunity to visit the beach. After school, weekends and even just with my eldest kids ahead of the new term at college and University. My working day is somehow more productive with a few hours out at the beach. I’m a big believer in the new Blue Space and will happily work late into the night after some fresh sea air. It really is more than just pie in the sky. If my photos make you crave some blue space too then maybe a trip to the seaside could be just what’s needed.

Discovering hidden inlets

Blue space for Mental Wellbeing

Lifeguards helping keep blue space a safe space


lifeguard bodyboard at the beach


Blue space brings out healthy playfulness in kids

beach play leaping over castle making


Seeing beauty in the ordinary features at the beach


seaweed at the beach

The waves are calling


Freedom of Blue Space running into the waves at the seaside.

The sea is at its warmest in autumn and it is a beautiful time of year to visit Cornwall. We have beaches from just 20 minutes drive from Coombe Mill so why not combine some therapeutic green space on the farm blue space at the beach.  We always extend our sea swimming to Christmas Day. If you are up for Christmas on the farm and a dollop of sea air why not enter to WIN a family Christmas with us over on our Facebook Page. 


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