Squeals of Joy over the Piglets Arrival.

Posted on September 23rd, 2017

Spot on time Sally our breeding sow gave birth to 11 healthy little piglets. That was back in the first week of September just after the school children had left and our curies little preschoolers were back on the farm. The first morning with new piglets is always a delight. Much as we want to step in and cuddle one we are always mindful of a little mummy and baby time alone for Sally. With this in mind we just peered over the wall to watch the sleeping Sally recovering after a hard night’s work while her curious new born piglets fought with one another for space against the warmth of Mum, ventured round the pen and suckled away on Sally’s ever available nipples.

New Born Piglets on day 1


Every year I am astonished by how fast the piglets grow. They literally double in size within a week and each day become more of a challenge to lift out of the pen. If you ever wondered where the expression “squealing like a pig” came from, I can safely confirm that it originates from the squeal a piglet makes when you take it away from their Mother. In our case it is only for a minute or two while we say good morning and give them a cuddle, but it is designed to alert Mum to possible danger to her piglets. It has to be said I think Piglet squeals are a little like baby squeals, a tuned mother knows a whinge from a proper cry. Sally happily ignores her piglets squeal as we lift them out. She knows they are safe and is far more interested in sifting through her breakfast pile.

New born Piglets just days old

Piglet at 1 week old


Piglets doubed in size at 2 weeks old

Squeals of Joy Over Piglets Arrival

Checking out Mum’s breakfast at 2 weeks old

Piglets in yard at 2 weeks old

The Squeals of joy will continue.

Just as growing children laugh, cry and squabble so do the piglets. Over the coming weeks there will be plenty more squeals as they start to compete for Sally’s food, argue and play together around their sty and garden. Come and see them if you can. Pop over to Facebook and you could be bringing your family for Christmas all paid for by us and seeing some growing piglets.  


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