A mansion with a pool and a tennis court

Posted on September 29th, 2017

Who doesn’t dream of owning a beautiful home with stunning views over rolling hills, a pool inside a walled garden and a tennis court? My kids have loved this particular home of family friends for as long as they can remember. The friendly elderly couple who own it have spoilt them rotten with picnics and ice creams over the years, a poorly written thank you letter and a load of lost tennis balls all they seem to receive in return! However the excitement of visiting these lovely folk and enjoying an afternoon at their mansion, as the kids refer to it, has never lost its appeal.


A mansion with a pool and a tennis court

Outdoor Pool Antics

We planned on visiting on a warm sunny day. In the end a stubborn cloud hung over us but that didn’t stop our enjoyment. The kids were in and out of the pool, splashing, pushing each other in and avoiding my camera – not too successfully!



Pool at the mansion

They even managed a race or two

Swimming Race

Anyone for Tennis?


If they weren’t in the pool then there were tennis games in play. I think Farmer Nick was a bit of a pro in his time and spent a good deal of time, coaching and umpiring games for us all.


tennis at the mansion


The orchard was blooming under the weight of the late summer fruits which I couldn’t help indulging in, whilst being careful not to be caught by the eager wasps.

Beautiful gardens at the Mansion

orchard with apples and plums 


Clio was taken with their beautiful flower borders and paths. One day I will have a garden like this.



Clio in flowers


Even the tortoise made an appearance lured by some freshly picked tomatoes from the greenhouse. This began round two of why we can’t have a tortoise at Coombe Mill from Guy. My reply was when we own a mansion!



Tortoise eating tomatoes


It was a lovely happy afternoon on our summer trip to Sussex that keeps visiting this kind couple and their beautiful mansion right up there in the fond memory bank of childhood days.

A Mansion with a pool and a tennis court in Sussex