Brighton Pier for Teenage fun

Posted on October 6th, 2017

Take a bunch of teenagers away with you for a few days and trust me finding something that fires them up with excitement for a day out is not easy. However Brighton Pier has it all for my Cornish country bumpkins. From the food stalls, to people watching (largely other teens in far more way out clothes than themselves) to the ultimate amusement arcade and thrill seeking rides.


Brighton Pier for Teenage Fun

Pebbles on the beach.

It was an overcast day but that never dampens spirits for something as fun as Brighton Pier. Lunch on the pebble beach was the first stop. We have done this so many times in the past and ended up with soaking wet children from playing too close to the water’s edge. A real reminder of how much they are growing up when we finished lunch with a full set of dry clothes and shoes!


Picnic on Brighton Beach

Digesting their food and preparing for the pier involved stone skimming and acrobatics.

beach fun in Brighton

5 go wild on Brighton Pier

Next stop the pier. My kids have been so many times before but for Theo’s girlfriend it was a new experience. That said, we have only ever allowed them one or two rides each in the past as it is so expensive. This year I’m sure the prices have come down as we were able to get them £20 all day wrist band tickets to go on any ride they wanted over and over again.


Wrist bands for Brighton Pier


OK it cost us £100 for all 5 of them but I can’t express how much fun they had. We watched for a while as they twisted and turned, span and screamed.


Rides at Brighton Pier


Nick and I left them to their fun and enjoyed a quiet afternoon wandering through the lanes and side streets of Brighton.


Brighton Lanes and Marina


By the time we returned the kids were buzzing with excitement and reliving their favourite rides as we wandered back together.


Fun post rides on Brigton Pier


This will be one trip to Brighton pier that will stay with them for a long time to come.   



Country Kids After The Playground