Cheeky Monkeys from Orchard Toys

Posted on October 16th, 2017

Here at Coombe Mill we are proud to be ambassadors for Orchard Toys. We love the education value of their games from tiny tots to growing kids. With quality parts and affordable prices they deliver time after time. I didn’t need to think twice before accepting the new season game of Cheeky Monkeys to put through its paces. If you have one or more cheeky monkeys in your house this game won’t fail to delight. Read on to find out more and how you could win yourself a game to play.

They’ve all gone bananas

The object of the game is to win as many bananas as you can. The little cheeky monkey cards have 0 – 6 bananas on each. You never know how many will be on your card when you turn it over and hang it in your tree. But that’s not all, spin the spinner to see what you land on, watch out for the pool board and keep your wits about you, it may be better to spin again than keep a monkey with no bananas. Most of all keep an eye on your opponent landing on a monkey and laying claim to your bananas!

Cheeky Monkeys board in play

Cheeky Monkeys from Orchard Toys in Play

Need to Know


1 two-part 3D tree

32 monkey cards

1 pool board

1 spinner board

1 two-part plastic spinner arrow

1 instruction leaflet

Price £9.50
Age range 4 – 8
Number of players 2 – 4
Educational benefits

Develop counting skills

Reinforce hand-eye coordination

Promote strategic thinking


What we loved about Cheeky Monkeys

As well as the educational benefits listed above we loved the competitive aspect of the game, and felt it helped with the concept of sharing. No one wants to see their bananas taken by their opponent but this can happen quite legitimately and so lessons in being a good sport as well as competitive come into play. Above all the game is fun to play and quick to understand. Cheeky Moneys gets the big thumbs up from us. It isn’t just us going bananas for Cheeky Moneys, Orchard Toys have just scooped a gold award for the game is the Made for Mums Toy Awards. Well deserved we believe.



Win your game of Cheeky Monkeys from Orchard Toys with Coombe Mill

If you can see your kids going bananas for cheeky Monkeys then why not enter to win. Simply follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

Cheeky Monkeys


We were sent our game for the purpose of this review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own. Our game can be found in the Coombe Mill games room for our holiday guests to enjoy.