Pig Crafts to Nutritious Acorn Snacks

Posted on October 20th, 2017

Faced with one of the seasons wet autumn days and a very young group of eager little helpers, I had had to have a quick rethink about my planned autumn leaf activities. Soggy leaves were just not doing it in my mind so I moved the theme to pig crafts. Our growing piglets are a delight to all our visitors and as one of their favourite foods is windfall acorns, I thought I could work on the idea of a nutritious snack for Sally the pig and her piglets and something fun and delicious for the children.


Pig Crafts and Acorn Snacks


Farm Stories


With tiny tots a story is often a good way to get things started. I chose a couple of very simple farm animal books to bring back all they had learned on a week at the farm. Gradually shyness melted away and interest grew.


Farm animal stories for activity hour on holiday


Pig crafts


I had the craft table indoors out of the rain and wind and handed out my piglet templates. The children set to work painting their pigs. There was no requirement to stay within the lines as we were going to leave them to try and cut out the pieces later on.



Little Pig cup cakes


From painting pictures to decorating cup cakes with pig faces the theme moved on at quite a pace.


decorating cup cakes with pig faces


I had been tipped off about a special birthday and made a little cup cake pre-decorated with candles to accompany a birthday cake from the parents. Candles, a cake and everyone singing can be overwhelming when you are just 2, but the birthday girl and her new friends took it all in their stride.  


Birthday celebrations at Coombe Mill Holidays


A nutritious acorn snack


Finally the rain was easing enough for us to brave the outdoors and help digest the birthday cake. I handed out collecting cups and with raincoats and wellies we began hunting for acorns as a treat for Sally the pig. They were falling all over the car park and it didn’t take my eagle eyed tots long to start finding them.


Finding acorns at Coombe Mill Farm

A long walk for little legs


Collecting things is a great way to distract little legs who were rather hoping Farmer Nick would come by with his tractor to give them a lift.


Walking to the farm in the rain


Finally we made it to the pig sty with brimming cups of acorns and tipped them in for Sally and her piglets to enjoy.


Feeding acorns to Sally and her piglets


What about those Piggy Paintings


We came back the shorter route over the footbridge to see how our piggy paintings were drying. Some were still tacky but they were dry enough to be cut and stapled together to make keepsake pigs for the children.


Everyone left with their pig crafts, pig face cakes and a tummy full of birthday cake. It was a busy afternoon for my eager 2 year olds. Many didn’t even manage the 6pm train I’d worn them out so much!



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