The Season of Love

Posted on October 21st, 2017

Out on the farm love is very much in the air. The animals are all looking at their best after the lush grass of summer and the mild start to autumn. The farm is turning to beautiful shades of gold and russet and we are all set for a week of half term fun here with our properties now full.

While the children staying think about Halloween costumes for our Halloween fun Day at the end of the week, the animals have all turned their attention to romance. Admiral Plum has a few lady friends in with him now ready for lambs in spring and Billy goat gruff is emitting stinky goat wafts for all who pass as he makes eyes at the nanny goats he has just been let loose with.

Without doubt the prettiest animals in the autumn season of love are the deer. As we approach The Rut, Rudolph is looking his most magnificent, strutting his stuff and playing up to the rest of the herd who stay watching us from afar.  We will avoid taking our guests up through the deer field over the next few weeks as the deer can be unpredictable during the rut. My photos today are from our last venture through their field.  

Rudolf looking at his best for his ladies in the season of love called The Rut

Stag at Coombe Mill in the season of love called the Rut


I feel rather sorry for the young prickett who has taken himself off for the rut so as not to end up in a fight with Rudolph, the dominant stag. You can see him below hovering behind the fence of the higher field they have access to, not daring to come closer to the girls. He will be accepted back into the fold after the Rut, providing he tows the line.  


Prickett ousted for the rut

Pricket at Coombe Mill keeping his distance from the deer herd during the rut


Morning sunlight catching the herd as they nervously watch us watching them.


Deer in morning sun


I think I must be in tune with the animal kingdom as all my children have spring to summer birthdays. However having Googled it, the peak season for us to have our birthday is autumn. Clearly Christmas is the season of love for mankind. This must have been true for my own parents as I’m an October birthday.

Were you and yours born in the season of love?