Creating a Halloween Display for Half Term

Posted on October 27th, 2017

Our Halloween Fun Day has become quite legendary taking place on the last day of half term, regardless of when Halloween falls. It takes a huge amount of preparation and I like to practice a few of the crafts the week leading up to half term with the guests here in activity hour. With a group ranging from age 1 to 12 I knew it would be a good test for what worked and how long each craft would take. Needless to say I had far more planned than we managed but it did all make a lovely Halloween display stand for Half Term and a few extras to take home as keepsakes.   

Creating a Halloween Display for Half Term

Lighting the way

We began by making decorative tea light jars.  The children disappeared off in search of pretty autumn coloured leaves while I applied PVA glue to all the jars and placed a tea light inside.

Collecting autumn leaves

By the time they returned I had a jar ready for everyone and a stack of coloured tissue paper to intersperse with the leaves.




We finished the lights off with a piece of ribbon and added some to the Halloween display and kept others back for the children to take home.

Halloween printed bunting

My Halloween display was taking shape with a while sheet and some Icicle lighting over a delivery pallet but it looked a bit plain. We used large windfall cooking apples to make Ghost, pumpkin and Bat stencils and printed triangles of sheeting to make festive bunting. I stapled each piece onto string to make the bunting but had a really job keeping up with my enthusiastic printers!

Stencil painting Halloween Bunting

Watch out for the ghosts

The younger children then moved on to making spooky hand print ghosts on black card. It sounds so simple but they really had to think about how they were placing their hands on the card to create the ghost effect. We gave them each a little directional smudge to make them look like they were floating through the night. Adding fingerprint faces really brought them to life…..Oooooh!


Painting Hand Print Ghosts for the Coombe Mill Halloween Display

Giant Pumpkin Painting

We wanted a new game for the fun day and came up with throwing spooky items into the pumpkin. Farmer Nick purchased a giant bag of plastic creepy crawlies on his travels which would work a treat and we set a couple of the older girls to work painting the pumpkin we had drawn on a giant reclaimed piece of card packaging. They did a wonderful job and I’m really excited to try the game now.

Painting a giant pumpkin for the Coombe Mill Halloween Fun Day

Pumpkin Carving

Still in full pumpkin flow the girls designed and carved a real pumpkin for me to take centre stage on our Halloween display.

Painting a giant pumpkin for the Coombe Mill Halloween Fun Day

I hadn’t even started on my toilet roll crafts and monster eyes but we had run out of time, the night was drawing in and storm Brian threatening to take hold! I wasn’t going to be short of crafts for our half term fun day, I just had to cross my fingers with the Cornish weather; more on that one next week.


Putting together our Halloween Display for Half Term

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