Trick or Treat October half term fun

Posted on October 28th, 2017

Here at Coombe Mill we have a tradition of holding our Halloween fun day on the last day of October Half Term. Years ago Halloween actually fell within half term, but for the last few years it has been the week following. Our regular guests were so disappointed at the prospect of missing our fun day that I have just moved Halloween from its official date to the last day of the mainstream half term week, whenever that falls. Our activities stretch from a fancy dress feed run at 9am to trick or treating at 6pm. The whole day is packed with events, games and crafts and I’ll be sharing it all over on my Country Kids link up next Saturday, but for today I’m featuring the culmination of an exciting day, the trick or treat session.

Trick or Treat the Coombe Mill Way

In many ways I feel like all my activities during the day are a build up to this major event. The activity trail, the craft and the famous ghost train are all but a prelude to the Trick or Treating. Even my own kids suddenly appear in fancy dress to join the parade from house to house. The rule here at Coombe Mill is that a Pumpkin lights the way. Each participating holiday cottage has a lit pumpkin to signify we are welcome. We walk as a group from one end of Coombe Mill to the other calling only on the cottages and lodges with a pumpkin and a friendly face to welcome us in.  All the parents are well briefed at the start of the week and I am always blown away by the effort everyone makes. From pumpkin carvings to tea lights, sweets and treats to homemade goodies it fills the children and their goodie bags, with festive cheer.  

A pumpkin signifies the Coombe Mill Trick or Treat Procession is welcome to call

Pumpkin lit for Treat or Treating

We made Lanterns as part of our crafts which lit the way alongside the pumpkins

Homemade Halloween Lantern to light the way for Trick or Treat

Patiently each queued for their turn from youngest to oldest 

Queueing for a turn at Trick or Treat

And were rewarded at every house

Trick or Treating at Coombe Mill Holidays in Half Term

With tubs of sweets, chocolates and homemade treats too

Trick or Treat sweet collection at Coombe Mill Holidays


A big thank you to all the parents who took part and helped to make trick or treating a wonderful  end to a spooky action packed fun day. If you fancy joining us for half term and our fun day next year bookings are now open

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