Halloween Fun Day Part 2

Posted on November 10th, 2017

Last week I shared the first half of our legendary Halloween Fun Day from Half term, there was just too much to capture in one post so here I’m picking up after a quick 15 minutes break following the amazing Activity Trail with real life characters.


Halloween Fun Day part 2

Halloween Games

We all reassembled at the Games Room ready for some traditional Halloween games and of course a few fun new additions from previous years.

First up a double game that all our regulars were looking forward too, apple bobbing followed by picking the sweets out of a bowl of flour. This was one game that was guaranteed to ruin the Halloween make up but great for the giggles and laughs.

Apple bobbling & sweet in flour games


While the children were waiting their turn at Apple bobbing we had two further games on the go, Pin the arm on the Skeleton and throw the rice bags into the pumpkin with sweets for all who managed it. This way no one was left queuing for anything for long.


Skeleton and pumpkin Halloween Games


Once everyone had taken part and dried their faces we headed over to the lawn for some broom races. It always makes me smile to see how competitive the children can be. We split the teams as fairly as we could with older and younger members in each team to give a sporting chance to all over several rounds.



Still going strong the children came into the games room for musical statues and musical bumps to happy Halloween dance tracks. It took our observation and the parents helping to catch some of the older ones out, they were just too good!

Musical statues and bumps


Ghost Train

We had to stop our games at 6pm as we heard the toot of the little train signifying it was time for a spooky ride. The children found their glow stick wrist bands from the Activity trail earlier in the day and handed these to the driver ready for the ride of their lives.



Trick or Treat

I may have been exhausted organising a full day of events but the kids were more than happy to keep going and as night fell the climax of the day approached for the children; the organised Trick or Treat parade. We made our way from house to house knocking on all the Coombe Mill properties with a welcome pumpkin or lantern outside. I was delighted to discover most families had made a huge effort with their pumpkins and displays outside the properties.


pumpkins and lanterns for Halloween


It was a wonderful Halloween fun day that surpassed even my own expectations thanks to perfect dry and warm weather, supportive parents and children up for a good time. We will be doing it all again next year at the end of the half term week (we think this is w/c 22nd October). If you fancy joining us just pop on over to our booking page, there are no extra charges, it is all included as part of staying the week with us.


Trick or treating at Coombe Mill Family Holidays, Cornwall

Halloween Fun Day 2017:  Part 2


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