November isn’t winter in Cornwall.

Posted on November 11th, 2017

We have been enjoying some ridiculously mild weather and nature is all confused. Here we are coming up to mid November and you would swear on some days it was still summer. Our early afternoon temperatures have topped out at 16 degrees  in our lovely sheltered valley and I am still in shorts and T shirts. Okay it chills down at night and the heating has just gone on in our house but I’d say that was pretty remarkable for late autumn. I am refusing to call it winter yet. Winter is my least favourite season and I’m determined to minimise it, so far it’s working a treat; November in Cornwall is keeping winter at bay for 2017.

Global warming?

Who knows if global warming has a part to play? I can say that 12 years ago we were snowed in this week and Farmer Nick had to come and rescue me and the kids from playgroup. The snow fell so fast that morning that we literally couldn’t get home without a four wheel drive. We haven’t seen snow like it since and my younger children barely know what it looks like as they were only babies then. Fast forward 12 years and the bees are still out on the summer flowers, no wonder we talk about the weather in Britain. 

My photos this week reflect some of the mild temperatures of November in Cornwall 2017.


Red Campion so common in the Cornish Hedgerows still in full flower on our riverbank in November.

november red campion in cornwall


Summer Hydrangea with the last of the petals and rich colours forming.

Hydrangea in November

The bees hard at work in the November Sun.

november bees on the late flowers

Delicate Fuschia flowers proof that the frost is yet to strike.

Fuschia in flower in November Coombe Mill Cornwall