All in the name of teenage fashion

Posted on November 18th, 2017

It is very rare I manage to put my kids in front of a camera these days, photos for the blog or my social media are totally embarrassing and frowned upon.  Their own posts on their own channels, well that’s different of course, not cringe worthy at all! Don’t get me wrong, having 6 teenagers is amazing in lots of ways, I’m just not allowed to talk about them or photograph them and that’s OK, I respect their desire for space away from my blog and the public face of Coombe Mill. Then a men’s fashion brand offering a choice of clothes from their website to model came along and I suddenly knew I’d have a queue wanting their photo taken. Wisely I avoided an argument and just asked the eldest currently still living at home.  All embarrassment gone and happy to be seen in his choice of Timberland Jumper and Union Blues jeans we set off into the grounds of Coombe Mill for photos. I only used a few of the snaps I took for the official review, but I was so pleased to have a stack of photos without him turning away from the camera or frowning, I’m sharing some here too.  My kids all say I wear “Mum Goggles” where they are concerned, and they may be right, but to me my teenage fashion conscious boy looks quite the man here and the backdrop of Coombe Mill in autumn only adds to the effect. He is busy applying to University this year and will be my second to leave the nest next September. I am so proud of him in so many ways and thrilled he has given the OK to share these photos. 


Stepping out in style with understated teenage fashion. 

Teenage fashion step out in style


Coombe Mill in autumn makes a wonderful photo backdrop.

Teenage photo shoot in the woods


So proud of this Boy of mine.

Teenage Fashion photo shoot in the woods