Because birthday parties are not just for kids

Posted on November 25th, 2017

Last week I mentioned how difficult it can be having my teenage children in my photos these days. This week I am proud to share not just one teenager but all of them and Farmer Nick too. The occasion was my 50th Birthday party. I was determined to mark my half century in style with a fun filled party and not a oldies style sit down event and be surrounded by all my family. While I can take no credit for the photos as I am in them all, I am very grateful to all who took over my camera on the night for the official and unofficial photos.  The theme was James Bond which resulted in some great themed and smart outfits. I enjoyed every minute of the evening with 4 generations present as well as friends. We gambled (fake money) and danced the night away and while it took a lot of organising, it was a wonderful memorable evening. As an added bonus I finally have a photo to replace the now rather dated picture of The Family Team on my website. Nick and I may look much the same, but a couple of years make a huge difference with children.  


New updated photo from my birthday party last Saturday

Birthday parties are the best with all the family team   

 Farmer Nick and me looking very un-farmer like


Farmer Nick and me at my 50th Birthday party


The unofficial snaps make me smile. I had gathered all the kids around me while I said a few words, the contents of which I can’t quite remember, but something must have made them smile judging by the photo. Even better is noticing the casual arms draped around one another, there is nothing more wonderful to see as a parent than your kids like this.  

Looking very much a family

Family gathered for speech at Fiona's 50th Birthday Party


Not to be left out Jed grabbed the microphone from me and added his own words, I love this photo of him looking as though he is mid karaoke! 

Jed taking centre stage

Jed takes the microphone: birthday parties to remember


I can now safely say organising an adult birthday party is at least as much work as a children’s party, but twice the fun. If you have a significant birthday approaching, do consider a good party, it really is such a memorable way to embrace a new decade, bring family and friends together and keep the inner kid in you alive.