Crafts from Under the Old Oak Tree

Posted on December 1st, 2017

We have classic English Oak trees all over Coombe Mill. In autumn they shed their pretty leaves, twigs and of course acorns. We have already looked at acorn collecting for the pigs as part of our pig crafts, this week I decided to major on the old oak tree itself and crafts based on its autumn shed. We have a lovely big oak tree hanging over the Coombe Mill car park and fairy gardens so we didn’t have to go far for all the goodies we needed for our crafts.

Oak Tree Crafts


We began our session by splitting the group in two based on the different ages. The older ones were enjoying a farm counting game with dice from our education pages on the website while the younger ones used wax crayons to colour in hedgehogs as we would be making these later.


Farm Counting Game & HEdgehog colouring on holiday

Searching under the old oak tree

Before we could continue we needed to go off in search of acorns, twigs and oak leaves. It didn’t take the children long to spot them scattered on the floor of the car park and fairy gardens. In no time their pots were brimming and as the rain increased in intensity we retreated under the veranda of the games room to start creating with our scavenged floor finds.


collecting acorn leaves and twigs

Reverse leaf printing

Instead of just painting leaves, we arranged our leaves on the reverse of cereal boxes and loosely taped them down before dipping fingers in autumn leaf colour paints to paint around the edges. We used a scrap of the box to make the trunk the same way and then spray painted grass from watered down poster paint all around.


Making oak leaf collages


When the leaves and card board were removed a clever leaf print tree remained.  We set these on one side to dry and continued to our next craft.


Finished Oak leaf printed collage

Oak Tree Crafts  – Clay hedgehogs

I can’t remember when I last brought the pot of air dry modelling clay out for a craft session. Anyway it was the perfect medium to hold acorns and twigs in place as the body of our hedgehogs. The children moulded and remoulded to get their hedgehogs just as they wanted them. A great craft for all ages as they can be as realistic or alien as they want with no complicated sticking involved.


Making clay and nature hedgehogs

Oak Tree Crafts – Clay leaves

Most left us at this stage but the really keen stayed on to make clay leaves. By rolling an oak leaf onto the lay then carving around the printed edge and painting you have yourself a perfect reminder of autumn to keep all year round.  


Painting clay oak leaf


Despite the rain arriving we managed a full afternoon of outdoor activities to keep everyone busy. Thankfully the rest of the week fared much better. Just as well I had a few undercover crafts up my sleeve for the wettest afternoon of the week!

Have you tried oak tree crafts?