Nature Tells Me Christmas Is Coming

Posted on December 2nd, 2017

As we turn the calendar and enter into December I hear shouts of Christmas from every direction. However I don’t need the John Lewes advert on TV, the decorations in the shops or the fairy lights in the gardens to know that Christmas is coming. Even if I were cut off from the world, down in our little Cornish valley without all of these things, I would still know. Nature would tell me. The deep reds in the leaves that signify the end of autumn, the vivid greens that come only from evergreens and the mistletoe and holly berries that appear in the hedgerows and the robin that watches me on the fence. These are the signs that December is here and Christmas is coming.  My weekly photos this week share some of these signals from nature.


Holly berries are out in abundance over the river.


NAture tells me Christmas is coming. Berries on Holly


Frosty mornings with a low lying sun.

frosty morning with a low lying sun over Coombe Mill in December


Just a few deep red leaves clinging onto a wintry branch.

red leaves in December reminds us of Christmas in nature


A robin watches over everything on the farm.

Christmas robin


The last of the autumn colours glistening in the distance reminds me of Christmas lights.

Log store iat Coombe Mill n Nature inspired Christmas Lights

What are the signs that Christmas is coming for you.

Is it the commercial indicators or something more subtle that triggers the Christmas buzz within?