Sunset Beach in Winter Glory   

Posted on December 9th, 2017

It has become a bit of a pre Christmas tradition for us to take a family weekend break in the run up to Christmas. A little Christmas shopping and a good burst of family time at the end of a busy holiday season and ahead of the festive break. This was last weekend and we were blessed with arriving on the most glorious winter afternoon just before sunset. How could I resist? As the kids headed for the hotel sports and Nick the golf course, the photographer in me grabbed my camera and headed the short walk down to the beach to capture the sunset and relax into our weekend. I’ll share more about our busy weekend in a future post, but for now here is the view that greeted me, I hope you’ll agree, it was worth the walk and sitting in the winter sand to capture. Despite being bitterly cold and losing all feeling in my fingers, the glow from the winter sun makes it look much warmer than the reality.


From the Coast path a first glimpse of the sun.


  sunset over the ocean 


A huge ball of fire out to sea.


watching the sunset through the reeds along the coastpath


Down on sunset beach  watching the reflection across the water.


Sunset beach from the sand in December


As the sun begins to disappear over the horizon a burnt orange glow fills the sky. 


sun setting over horizon


I hurry back up the coast path while I can still see my way.