Snowdrops not Snow in Cornwall

Posted on December 16th, 2017

So while the rest of the country enjoyed snow days off school we were welcoming spring here in Cornwall. Not a flake of snow in sight but the snowdrops are coming through and glistening in the winter sun here on the farm. I swear they come earlier and earlier each year. It was only late January this year I was marvelling over the last season of snowdrops. Needless to say I am not optimistic of seeing any snow again this winter in Cornwall, but I’ll make a bet we’ll hang onto the snowdrops till March. I think it is the lack of frost and extremes in temperature here that confuses nature’s cycle.

 snowdrops on the farm


It isn’t just snowdrops; the early daffodils are out in the village too. Not just the odd one either, a whole bank of them waving in the wind. It all looks rather strange against the backdrop of Christmas lights but as spring is my favourite season these are a welcome sign of things to come.  


Daffodils in Cornwall in December


The catkins are my other marker that spring is approaching. These are particular to certain trees and have put in an early pre Christmas appearance here on the farm. These are typically seen from late January onwards.


catkins on the farm in December

Which card has nature dealt you this week, snow or snowdrops?