Our Pre Christmas Family Tradition

Posted on January 26th, 2018

I’m back tracking in Country Kids this week to where Christmas begins for us way back in early December. Don’t you just love a good family tradition? Well our pre Christmas treat is a weekend away in Devon at the hotel Nick and I went to on Honeymoon back in 1995. It used to just be Nick and I, but for the last 3 years, as they kids have grown up, we take the whole family and we all look forward to it each year. The kids adore all the sports, I love seeing them together and having 2 days with no cooking!


Our Pre Christmas Family Tradition


It may only be 2 nights but we really pack in so much. The Hotel is situated just a short walk from the sea and I couldn’t resist an evening walk down there to watch the sun set when we arrived while the kids and Nick hit all the sports on offer. I only just made it but at the end of a glorious winter’s day it was simply stunning. So much so I actually dedicated a post to the scene that week.


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Anyone for golf?

Golf is Farmer Nick’s big passion outside of the farm and the reason he choose this hotel for us all those years ago. The little 9 hole course is really challenging with trees, bunkers and ponds to catch you out. In all the years I have played, my game is still woeful, but my teens can hit a mighty dive and really seemed to be enjoying playing this year.


Family golf

Tennis championship in progress

Golf was interspersed with Tennis out on the enclosed courts. The triplets had an advantage here after playing at a friend’s house back in the summer.

Holiday tennis

A stroll around the grounds

The grounds themselves are beautiful and the last of the leaves were still clinging on despite it being December giving a lovely backdrop to stroll with Clio

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The outdoor pool was closed for winter but the kids spent hours in the indoor pool and over at the badminton courts. They have all been in the Badminton club at school and we had hours of tournaments interspersed with a few squash games.


Christmas Market

With so much to do right at the hotel it was hard to persuade anyone to leave. However the older 3 came with us to the local estuary town of Kingsbridge for a little shopping in the festive Christmas market up the high street, I’m not sure their shopping went much further than street food though!  

Christmas Street Market

A Family Tradition to remember  

Both Nick and I had a stinking cold while we were there but even that couldn’t detract from a weekend that gave us so much pleasure. The huge hole in our wallet was worth every penny to see our 6 growing teens having the most fun time together. Listening to the banter, seeing them all dressed up for dinner and watching their competitive spirit tampered by a caring concern for one another was the biggest Christmas present of all for me. What more does any parent want?   

Our Pre Christmas Family Tradition

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