Finding the Positive in January

Posted on January 27th, 2018

If I were to order months of the year May would probably be my favourite with the growing spring animals and bursting summer plants and January bottom of the heap. However somehow this January it feels as though when I blink, it is nearly over. We’ve had some lovely winter weekend guests and plenty to keep us busy from the newly forming crazy golf to property maintenance and farm management ahead of the new season. In between we have enjoyed beach days and city trips and moorland walks as a family. After a rainy start to the week that kept me on indoor chores, I emerged with the sunshine to discover spring around me. From snowdrops to daisies, the farm is coming to life and daylight is now officially past 5pm here in Cornwall.

January you weren’t so bad after all!   

It is a steep climb from Coombe Mill up onto Bodmin Moor but worth it for the far reaching views out across Cornwall. Up here, in Poldark country,  the vast expanse of moorland can make you feel so small. The air is clear and at night it is a star gazers paradise. In fact it is now an official dark sky zone. When I master my night sky photography I promise to share our wonderful night skies. For now a late winter sun caught on my i-Phone.

Bodmin Moor in late afternoon winter sun


Back down in the valley of Coombe Mill, winter moorland scrub gives way to spring flowers. I’m sure this rose has flowered all through winter on the wall of our old Millers cottage facing south. 


Finding the positive in January with a vibrant pink rose at Coombe Mill


The snowdrops are like a long white carpet along our riverbank now.


Snowdrops at Coombe Mill in January


Our summer rhododendron are in bud and the camellia all over the farm are in full bloom now. Banks of new season daffodils are just flowering too following the early season ones now past. 


Pink Camellia at Coombe Mill in January


Primroses are out in the woods but perhaps the biggest surprise was seeing daisies in the lawns. If only it would stay dry for long enough they could do with a mow, the lack of cold weather, snow or frost again this winter has left them running away mistakenly thinking it is summer!


Daisy in the lawn in January

Do you have a favourite and worst month of the year?