Horse Racing at Wadebridge Showground

Posted on February 2nd, 2018

Every family begins to build up its own traditions over the Christmas holidays and we are no exception. I spoke last weekend about our local weekend away for family time and Christmas shopping together. This week I’m sharing another of our favourite winter holiday activities, watching the horse racing. Our local showground is Wadebridge, just 20 minutes from us and where the kids go to school. It is home to the Royal Cornwall show in summer and a whole host of other events throughout the year. The Christmas point to point is one we have attended for the past 3 years and it is always a fun day and surprisingly good value for money, if the bets go your way!  


Horse racing at Wadebridge Showground


Coombe Mill is in the most beautiful sheltered valley and the Royal Cornwall show ground is on the top of an exposed hill, well I don’t know how old you need to be to understand that the temperature will be vastly different, but no amount of telling the triplets to wrap up warm would work. We gave up and just threw a few extra jumpers and jackets of ours in the car for good measure. Sure enough they were frozen by the biting wind in seconds and piling on the layers from the car! Thankfully placing bets takes place in the big barns which is sheltered from the elements.


Placing bets at horse racing


Despite being farmers, we know nothing about horse racing and place our bets with a team vote over a name we like and a hunch on watching the horses in the parade ring


Parage ring at the Wadebridge showground horse racing in winter


For the first three races we felt like we should have been offered a bet on the losing horse, as it always seemed to be ours despite our braving the cold on the side lines and cheering. But finally our moment came in race four and Guy’s choice of horse came in first. We only had a £5 bet on each race to win but that one £30 win was enough to have us break even on the day.


Guy and Farmer Nick couldn’t have looked more delighted, you’d think they’d won a fortune!


Proud winners at Wadebridge Races


We put our winnings to good use rewarding ourselves with some excellent pasties and coffee against the cold.


Pasty Treat at the Horse Racing


There are always some lovely outdoor clothing and craft stalls to wander round between races too and I found myself picking up a couple of lovely unexpected presents there.


Exploring the craft stalls at the Wadebridge races


Our last race was a maiden race and we hedged our bets with an each way bet. Lucky we did as our horse came in second and paid out again. We left in high spirits despite the biting cold wind and headed home to warm up and enjoy the roast I had on low it the oven.   


Wadebridge Races Family Selfie


We certainly won’t be put off another flutter on the horses in future.



Helpful hints for winter horse racing at Wadebridge:

Entry is just £10 for adults on entry. Under 16’s go free
Fixtures for the year are online
Pasties, tea, coffee and cakes are all very reasonably prices and piping hot.
Our local moorland village pub host the bar for those wanting something stronger.
Limit your bets to just a fun amount per race and you won’t spend a fortune and may even come out in profit.

Keep your car wheels on the tarmac in the wet as the field parking gets very churned up

Wrap up warm as the wind up on the showground can be wicked.




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