Active Wear for Active Teens

Posted on February 9th, 2018

As children grow and develop into adults, the need to stay active is just as great as when they were young. Somehow when they were little it was easier, I made up the rules, decided when they would have their coats on and go out to play, where we would go and what we would do. I was in control of their activities. Now with eight teenagers life is different. Having the trendy active wear is almost as important to them as being outdoors and there is always competing pressure from social media indoors! That said I am such a firm believer in the power of outdoor time and exercise I will go to great lengths to make sure it happens. Whether it is one to one time with me, sports through clubs or out with friends on the farm, outdoor time is a release from school work and technology and if having the right look promotes this then I’ll do with the flow. When JD Williams clothing asked if we wanted to have a look at some of their womenswear sports and leisure active wear I knew Clio and I would be fighting over who would get to choose. Clio won but as her choices fit me too there may be some sharing!  

Active Wear for Active Teens from J D Williams

Hitting the beach in style

We hit the beach on a stunning bright January day. The boys were surfing but we’d opted out due to the cold. Not that it was cold at all when you have an empty beach at your fingertips and some new stretchy Puma sports leggings in which to practice the latest gymnastic moves. If only my bum looked this good in leggings I’d buy them too!  Clio says it’s all in the lovely thick waistband on the leggings, I’d say she is selling herself short.



By the time I’d raced around the beach after Clio, trying and failing to copy her leaps and jumps we were both warm and warn out!


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Time after school at last

Finally the days are drawing out and there is enough daylight after school for some outdoor fun. This past week has been bitterly cold with our first flurry of snow, frost and hail but there is no telling teens to dress up warm. You’d think I’d suggested flying to the moon if I mention taking a coat to school with them! In this vain it was no surprise to me that Clio came bounding round the farm with me in a crop top, leggings and new womenswear size 8/10 Nike hoodie just unwrapped from JD Williams. I dismissed the lack of coat just glad of her company and energy on a bleak mid winter afternoon.



 We set off just to chat and wander and ended up out for nearly 2 hours which did us both the world of good. We checked for frogspawn in the streams, visited the animals and jumped across streams as time ran away. Nature’s obstacles became a ballet or gym opportunity for Clio at every turn.

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Perhaps the best news to me is that this womens Nike hoodie hits the mark where any school coat I’ve bought has failed. Apparently this is the perfect coat substitute, thank goodness it has more warmth than her school jumper, a big hood against the wind, deep pockets inside for her phone and outside for her hands, because of course gloves are so yesterday! 


Nike Hoodie worn as school outerwear


There are so many brands and choices over on the site you could easily kit out all the family and your home just from this one website. Take a peek if you dare, I’m eyeing up a couple of dresses as well as borrowing Clio’s new leggings and hoodie for our on site gym!  


D Williams sport and leaiturewear for women at Coombe Mill



We were kindly invited to choose from the JD Williams active wear range for women to create this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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