A sting in the tail of winter

Posted on February 10th, 2018

For the past two winters I have barely seen a frost at Coombe Mill. In fact I had to dig back to 2016 to find the last wintry Sunday photos I shared. Now that we are in February and I am planning ahead for the summer season here on the farm, winter is rearing its head again giving a real sting in the tail for the spring flowers and animals here on the farm. Hay rations have been increased and straw bedding thickened. Being outdoors the chill is immediate and after 2 years without a frost it is a shock to us all. Never the less when wrapped up warm at sunrise it is quite beautiful and a reminder that we live in the prettiest of places. A dusting of snow followed the frost and a hail to snow mix after this; a real novelty for us. Sadly it didn’t hang around but a few snowy photos from the week were a must!



A sting in the tail of winter : waking up to frost and the promise of snow to follow


The snow certainly did arrive and for a brief moment it looked like it could be significant


A sting in the tail of winter with lodges in snow


Instead the clouds cleared and the sun returned leaving a picture postcard Coombe Mill in its wake.

Coombe Mill Holiday Lodges in snow


The goats have been all confused by the snow, none of these have seen it before and weren’t at all sure how to react. 


Billy goat gruff confused by the snow


The ducks and Geese with a clever heat exchange system to their feet looked much more comfortable with the white stuff.


Geece and Ducks in the Snow on the farm


I hope you have survived the cold this week and not been too caught out with this harsh sting in the tail of winter. We still have 2 properties available too if you fancy a few days away over this coming half term week, snow not guaranteed!