Create Mood with Photo Editing

Posted on February 24th, 2018

Real life sometimes needs a little lift, especially in February which is not renounced for its beauty. Personally I’m at that stage where I’m done with winter but as I said a couple of weeks ago it is not yet done with me and keeps rearing its wintry head just when I think it’s time for spring. So, back to that little lift, photo editing can be a great way to generate the mood you want in the place you want it. I find that Instagram is the place that responds best to fun editing, I feel the more I edit a photo to create the mood I’m after the better it does, while here on the blog I like to keep things more real. To show just what I mean my weekly photos today show one view, on two very different days, edited as I do for Instagram and just marginally nudged as I do here for the blog. Both photos were just snaps on my now aging i-Phone but they capture the mood I wanted to share.

A Misty Morning

The week started with a real pea souper down here in Cornwall. The top of the valley was shrouded in fog all day with the only clearance right down on the river at Coombe Mill. I was out checking the animals ahead of the morning feed run and couldn’t resist a snap of the lake against the mist.

Morning on the Lake in Mist

This photo has next to no editing and is how I would generally share photos here on my blog.

Misty morning over the Lake at Coombe Mill uneditied


Creating mood with Photo Editing for Instagram

This is the same photo put through its paces in editing. It created a beautiful mood and a great response on Instagram just as I’d hoped.

Misty morning enhanced over the lake at Coombe Mill

Hello Sunshine

What a difference a day makes, the sun shone and the temperature dropped. The same photo looks quite different in a new light.

Morning on the Lake in Sun

Again this photo is hardly touched in editing, Coombe Mill has its own natural beauty.


Lake at Coombe Mill in sun edited


Creating Mood with Photo Editing again for Instagram

Having learned from experience, putting the same photo on Instagram works best with a blast of edited enhancement.

Lake in sun at Coombe Mill enhanced with photo editing in snapseed.


There are so many editing tools out there. I use Be Funky on my PC for my website and blog and Snapseed on my phone for Instagram. Both of these are free and you can really have some fun with the effects on them. 

Which tools do you use most and what works for you on different social platforms?

Which image appeals more to you?