From fake snow day to real snow day

Posted on March 9th, 2018

For the past 10 years we have watched in envy as others have shared their snow day fun. Days of school, rosy cheeks on sledges and snow man building in the garden, it all looked like such an adventure and one my own children were missing out on. My oldest teens can just remember playing in serious snow but the triplets were too young to remember it at all. Oh the joy when storm Emma was forecast to hit us and the schools closed in anticipation. Finally it was our turn.


From Fake snow day to Real Snow day

Fake Snow Day

Schools closed at lunchtime amidst the most glorious blue skies and it really felt like this was a fake snow day that never should have been. My Instagram stories were more and more sarcastic as the afternoon progressed and the blue skies continued. Though the college bus was heavily delayed from snow further south in Cornwall.

A real Snow Day

The following day we actually woke to a dusting of snow. It was picture postcard pretty, very delicate flakes but not enough to be useful. The kids were dashing in and out all day willing it to build a little. Finally it did just as night fell. We grabbed the sledges, I turned off the dinner and we made the most of it in the dark. Sadly it was too dark for any photos, but these were the last I took as we headed for the big hill beyond our cottages here.


snow at nightfall

Satisfied we had seen some snow and actually been able to dust off a sledge (and broken another that had long since been outgrown) we settled in for the night. To our relief we woke to find the snow still there. It was melting on the south facing slope from the previous day but there were still in useful drifts in the sheep field. We improvised with body boards, the section of a little tikkes slide and enjoyed an hour of fun on the slopes.

Down by the lake the snow was still frozen and throwing snowballs across the lake soon became a mass snowball fight. I had quite forgotten the chilly sensation of wet snow sliding down your neck!  

Snowball fight


I had a constant machine load of soggy things washing and drying and kept mopping the floor from snow laden boots. Meanwhile snowmen were being built around the farm.


Snowmen on our snow day


We even had an igloo building competition. They worked to some extent but we need another snow day now to perfect the designs. Sadly I fear we will have forgotten our learning by the time we see snow again!

Igloo building


Our snow day was a long time coming and so much fun. Never has it been easier to get all my grown up kids outdoors just being kids. I can see how you might end up with snow fatigue after days of this, but I have to say one day was amazing.

   From fake snow day to real snow day


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