Finding the beauty in Storm Emma

Posted on March 10th, 2018

Yesterday in Country Kids I shared our fun in the snow. From sledging to snow man building we packed in every activity possible from our 24 hours of snow on the farm. Away from rosy cheeks and play Storm Emma also left a picture postcard looking winter wonderland at Coombe Mill. I’m sure these aren’t technically the best photos, for one thing I haven’t had a chance to try a snow photo for 10 years and for another my fingers froze to the shutter button if I was out any length of time! However since this week has been marked by the usual sunshine and rain mix I thought looking back at last weekend’s snow scenes which are yet unshared and still such a novelty here at Coombe Mill.

Storm Emma hits the farm

Just as the winds howled around the house and the blizzards drifted across the fields in the early hours of Friday morning these dear little twin lambs were born. How they survived the night I really don’t know but they were as bright as buttons when we discovered them in the morning. A little jiggling round of field shelters and they were soon making friends with our first lamb from last week.


lambs in the snow

The deer huddled under the shelter of the old oak trees and watched as the snow fell


deer in snow


Farmer Nick struggled through the snow bringing much needed hay to the animals while I helpfully held gates open and grabbed a sneaky photo.


sheep in snow during Storm Emma at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Even our wise old owl on the post to the cottages looked rather regal with the backdrop of snow


wise old owl

Our Lakes took on a whole new persona

The lakes were frozen from days of sub zero temperatures and looked so pretty with a dusting of snow on the ice. The ducks abandoned the frozen lakes preferring to bob around in the edges of the river. 

lake and play equipement in snow

In the river icicles’ hung from the reeds while snowdrops and daffodils wilted on the river bank preserving their energy for warmer days. It may be warmer now and spring definitely in the air but I miss the beauty of the snow. I’m sure not everyone agrees, but we did have just 24 hours in 10 years so I think I’m allowed to think fondly of the white stuff!

Happy Mother’s Day, I hope all your children are treating you well.