Mother’s Day Crafts from the farm

Posted on March 16th, 2018

I really miss homemade Mother’s Day crafts from my children. Playgroup and primary school were always a guaranteed source of at least a badly concealed card to wake to on Mother’s Day. However despite prompting I’m lucky now if they tidy the kitchen for me ready to make their dinner!  I was determined the same wouldn’t happen to our farm Mummy this week despite her little one being here on holiday rather than in school. (Thankfully a few schools do still authorize educational leave). I racked my brain for some creative ideas and this is what I came up with.


Mother's Day Crafts from the farm

Mother’s Day Flowers

We began by carefully cutting our cereal box back board and toilet roll flowers. All the cutting was simple shapes and very manageable for my 5 year old.


Cutting mother's Day flowers from toilet rolls


With flower colours chosen we began to paint our flowers. As there is no need to keep in the lines younger children would find this fun too, essentially paint all you see but mind your clean back board isn’t underneath; we had our wipe clean garden table.


Painting toilet roll flowers


Next we selected some fabric from my scrap collection (a handy upcycling of unclaimed left behind clothes over the years!). This I stapled round a toilet roll and fixed to the board. We then stapled the flowers into place and used a felt pen to draw in the stems.   


Adding stems to 3D Mother's Day Flower Card


A little message on the front and it was all ready to hide till Sunday.


Mother’s Day Plant Pot.

What could be more traditional than a Mother’s day potted plant? We filled an old garden seed pot with compost and went off round the farm with a big spoon to dig up our choice of plants. We decided on a fragrant spring collection with the wild garlic just coming into leaf, some snowdrops, mini daffodils and some mint from my garden.

Back at the craft table it was another chance for a rummage in my material bag to decorate the pot.


Decorated Mother's Day Pot


A piece of cereal box on a stick made a perfect message space


Homemade Message on a Pot Plant Gift


Our crafts were finished and Mummy was instructed not to look on the walk back to their holiday lodge, this was to be kept and carried home very carefully!


Did you receive any homemade Mother’s Day Crafts this year?

I have a draw with various treasures I’ve kept from my children over the years, plenty that sadly I didn’t but I’m glad I kept a few.   

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