The farm on the cusp of spring

Posted on March 17th, 2018

This week has felt like a week in transition, a week on the cusp of spring. We have experienced rainy days and puddles to jump in, then sunny days with temperatures climbing to 15 degrees. The snowdrops and daffodils have bounced back from their snowbound state and the animals are darting into their shelters when the cold hail comes and then sunbathing in the afternoon sun.  Spring feels so close, yet at the same time still so far. I know one warm week and the grass will start to grow and the trees come into bud and the farm will start to look very different. However for now it is still hats and coats on the farm most days, not that our little helpers are bothered. With a lovely group of children ranging from just 18 months to 8 years we have had a wonderful week. Lambs have been tagged and moved, the Ram and alpaca moved and it is just the chickens waiting for the corner to turn on spring and the ground to dry out to be let into their summer field with the ducks.  Even our crafts this week have featured spring flowers. Summer we are ready for you!  

When egg production reaches double figures in the morning you know we are on the cusp of spring.

Eggs from the feed run

Never too young to learn about farm life

Toddler watching the goose

The lambs are a sure sign of spring

Cuddling a lamb

Plucking up the courage to help drive the tractor is a holiday highlight

Young Tractor Driver with Farmer Nick

Hopefully the deer have had their hay feeder filled for the last time this season. New spring grass will soon see them through to winter again.

Rudolph the stag at the cusp of spring at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays


Do you feel on the cusp of spring too; have you had those tempting sunny days that make you feel summer is close, only to see the cold and rain follow quickly after?

We still have one family lodge left on Easter Week if you fancy coming to join us this spring.