The Mini Beast from the East hits Cornwall

Posted on March 24th, 2018

For the second time this year we have been hit by snow. Nick and I were going to North Yorkshire for a Funeral last weekend and driving to beat the snow all the way up leaving the family in charge of Coombe Mill.  Thankfully our guests managed to arrive on Saturday before the snow really set in but then everyone was grounded for a couple of days as the ‘Mini Beast from the East arrived. The kids were not in the least disappointed. With both colleges closed on Monday and our lane impassable, Sunday and Monday were given over to photos and fun.  As I was missing all the action I asked Felix to capture a few photos for me. Having never picked up my camera before I had no idea what he would capture or if anything would be in focus, but to my delight he is actually quite a natural with the camera and I love his choice of wintry scenes. I only wish I had been there to see for myself. It may not have lasted long but we certainly saw plenty of snow again.

 I was in contact everyday checking all was going smoothly with the guests and the farm and that feed runs and train rides were all running on time by them all. It sounds like they did us proud on every front, even if our own house looked like a bomb had landed when Nick and I walked in on Monday night!  

The kids’ snowmen lasted till midweek and icicles clung to north facing hillsides as the temperatures refused to climb despite the sunshine that followed.

 Come on spring where are you?

Photos from Felix from when the mini beast from the East came to Coombe Mill

Approach to Coombe Mill

Coombe Mill Sign in March Snow

From the tractor bridge to the farm

Mini Beast from the East hits Coombe Mill Holidays

By the cottage gardens

Farm snow shower

From the farm fields looking back over Coombe Mill

Coombe Mill Farm hit by the Mini Beast from the East