Happy Easter weekend

Posted on March 31st, 2018

I love the Easter weekend, the farm is full of happy holiday makers and spring has begun. We have already had fun making Easter Bunny bonnets, Easter cards and hanging Easter Eggs in the fairy gardens. Our grand Easter Day Egg hunt will take place today with more eggs than ever to find, helped by some colourful egg clues. It is always a frenzy of children’s laughter and scampering feet as we work out each clue on the trail. However all this fun will have to wait until after our magic chickens have delighted the children by laying Cadbury’s Crème Eggs in the chicken coop. It is a careful count up of children entering the tractor in the morning by one of my children who then have to run on ahead to the chickens and swap the eggs over before we arrive, but not so quick the chickens have a peck at them! It is a trick we have perfected over the years and it never fails to delight the children here, rather fitting that it all coincides with April Fools Day this year. I’m sure one or two eggs go missing to my “runners” but that’s all to be expected.

On the farm the late start to spring has meant we have no baby chicks for this Easter despite our best attempts to hatch or buy them. However Nick did make a long trip up country to buy a couple of lady friends for Buster the bunny so hopefully we will have some late Easter bunnies on the farm (more cute than me running round in my Easter Bunny outfit) Queenie the goat has delivered our first kid of the season in time for Easter and Charlie Boots as he has become known is a dear little chap. Our lambs now total 5 with no losses so on balance the farm feels very spring like.  

Crafts and Chocolate Eggs ready for the Easter Day Hunt

Easter weekend crafts and activities at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays in Cornwall

Bunny themed Easter Bonnets Made in Activity Hour

Wearing homemade bunny Easter bonnets

Spring lamb and ewe on a frosty Easter weekend morning 

New born Lamb and Eve At Coombe Mill over the Easter weekend


Queenie and Charlie Boots

Queenie the goat and her kid charlie Boots


3 New Zealand White bunnies arrive at Coombe Mill for Easter 

New Zealand White baby bunnies arrive at Coombe Mill in time for the Easter weekend

I hope the Easter Bunny has called for you and that fun and happiness make your Easter weekend a memorable one with not too many April fools jokes.