Grand Farm Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Posted on April 6th, 2018

Easter day has taken on a distinctive pattern at Coombe Mill over time. Those who have been coming for years are well aware of the traditions. This keeps me on my toes as we have to vary things each year, especially for the eagerly anticipated Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday. I cross my fingers each year it won’t pour with rain, and thankfully again it didn’t. I had laminated all my clues just in case but thankfully it remained dry.

2018 Grand Farm Easter Egg Hunt at Coombe Mill Family Holidays Cornwall

April fool’s Day

Before the Easter egg hunt we have our regular morning animal feed run. It was rather apt that Easter Sunday was also April fool’s day as our chickens played a clever trick on the children. Only the regulars knew this was a regular prank and were ahead of the game rushing to the chicken coup. On Easter Sunday the chickens lay Cadbury Crème Eggs, and thanks to some careful counting and one of my children to run ahead there is magically enough for all the children.


Magic chickens lay Cadbury Creme Eggs on Easter Day

Grand Easter Egg Hunt preparations

I had all my stack of chocolate eggs, my Easter Bunny onesie and laminated rhyming clues at the ready and crept away from the reed run to set up the Egg hunt with the help of Theo and Clio. Working nimbly and swiftly we hid hundred of Eggs at each location with some cleverly hidden Egg clues leaving me just enough time to catch up with the tractor and trailer returning.


2018 Easter Egg hunt set up


Not wanting the children to find the eggs before the start I gave everyone just 15 minutes to wash hands and be back for the Egg hunt, this certainly wasn’t a problem for the children who couldn’t wait to get going.

Under 4’s Egg Hunt

To give the younger children a chance, I do a little Egg hunt first for them. The older ones watch on eager to join in while the tots explore the little gated ride on play area themselves. Hunting out the shiny wrappers brings smiles to their faces, though half of them are not quite sure whether to play or hunt first!


Let the Easter Egg Hunt begin

Finally the older ones patience pays off as the little ones finish and I prepare to share the first Egg clue!    


Watching the Under 4's Easter Egg Hunt


The children all want to help read the clues to give themselves a head start on where to race off to, but I catch the regulars out right at the start by changing the places from last year, a quick back track and my Ahoy Captain clue has them all running to the pirate ship.


Pirate Boat Easter Egg Hunt


Egg hunting is a frenzied business and soon they are left stumped for where the next clue is. The parents have spotted it but it takes the children a while and even longer to reach it!


play boat Easter Egg Hunt clue


From the pirate ship we search the train stop and then the den building zone.


Easter Egg Hunt at the Train and Den building Area


The next clue takes the children off round the fairy gardens where there are so many secret hiding places.


Easter Egg Hunt in the Fairy Gardens


From the fairy gardens to the games room and then one that no one could fathom. I have just completed a new Nature trail and no one knew where to go for that. It was a good chance for me to gather everyone close and give the slower ones a chance to catch up before tipping them with enough clues on where to go. Up the slopes they climbed searching for eggs and the next clue as they went.



Finally our last clue is read out and a charge for the sand diggers and castle play fort leaves space for everyone to search and play.


Finding Easter Eggs in the Sandpit


I couldn’t believe it had taken the best part of an hour, I’m sure I had more stops and clues this year. Anyway the last clue promoted sharing and caring. A theme we would come back to on activity hour the following day. To my delight the children took it to heart and were excellent at offering a few to others who had been less quick in their searching. Everyone ended up with a good haul and a smile as they set off to enjoy the rest of their Easter Day.

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