Homeward Bound in April Showers

Posted on April 14th, 2018

Last weekend we were away for Greek Easter leaving our oldest children running the farm. The weather here in Cornwall was glorious and we returned to happy guests and sunburned teenagers! However April can be very changeable. It turns out we brought the drizzle from Sussex back home with us for the rest of the week. It wasn’t a wash out by any means but there was a certain amount of shower dodging. As it was the second week of the school holidays for many, including here in Cornwall, the farm was busy with school age children. They were great at dressing up in wellies and overalls and coming out to feed the animals regardless of the weather. The farm ride can take a good hour and a half and children often drift off before the end, my photos this week are from the end of a drizzly farm run with some very enthusiastic children who stuck out the weather and completed the course. So often I share photos of the tractor going to the farm but I realise I never share the homeward bound journey. What I noticed most after 4 days away was how much the spring growth was starting to show in the hedgerows and along the tractor path. Even through the dampness of the morning there is something spring like that appealed to me when I looked back at these homeward bound photos.

Homeward bound from the farm with spring growth visible.

Homeward bound on the tractor at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

Racing on the last leg home

The children always squeal in delight as Farmer Nick revs the tractor up for the last few yards home.


Driving fast homeward bound on the tractor at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays

Drawn to the fairy gardens at the end of the feed run.

There was no running off indoors for these three as they set off to explore the fairy gardens.  


Exploring the fairy gardens at Coombe Mill Holidays


Along came the sun

The day developed into a spring beauty and the farm continues to bloom. In fact we hit 20 degrees here by mid week.

Spring blooms on the farm


 Country Kids