Spring chicks chirp their arrival 

Posted on April 21st, 2018

What a delight to have spring chicks chirp on the farm again. It has felt a long winter in the farming community. Like many, we have run our hay supply right to the wire waiting with baited breath for the spring grass to start to grow. Last week I shared our homeward bound farm ride and the first shoots of green coming through in the hedgerows. This week we saw storms and high winds and thought things would never improve just as the first taste of summer days followed. The grass is finally rocketing away, our baby lambs and kid goat are thriving and now we have 3 healthy chicks as well.

The chicks are spending their early weeks under a heat lamp in Farmer Nicks specially designed shed, however if the summer sun continues they will soon be off this and then moved to a larger home with real daylight. They are a ray of sunshine in themselves; there is nothing more special than new life on the farm.  Looking for names for these chicks I have decided they have to be Jessica, Sophie and Peanut. Anyone in the parent bloggingshere who knows Louise George will know by now of her tragic news which coincided with the birth of our chicks. Thanks to the support of the blogging community Louise and her family will be coming to stay at Coombe Mill in time and hopefully meet our chirping chicks who are already growing into their names.   

Day one last weekend wondering what life is all about


The children staying were very excited to look in on the chirping chicks


Toddler in awe of new chicks


With a helping hand the children stroked their fluffy bodies.


Chick with Boy and Dad


Day 3 and our spring chicks chirp as they see the outdoors for the first time


spring chicks chirp in hand



There is a Just Giving page for Little Hearts Matter if you would like to contribute to the charity that supported Jessica and her family. Email me if you’d like to contribute to their family stay here (mail@coombemill.com).  

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