Orthodox Greek Easter 2018

Posted on April 27th, 2018

Farmer Nick is half Greek thanks to his father. This has come with many benefits to me over the years as I adore our Greek holidays, meeting extended family out there and here in the UK and the wonderful tradition of celebrating Orthodox Greek Easter. If I’m honest the only downside to our Greek heritage is our Greek surname of Cambouropoulos which most people understandably struggle to pronounce and spell! As an English person learning the Greek language I can honestly say that is very hard too. Anyway back to Greek Easter, the Orthodox Church sets its calendar differently to the Anglican one and we usually benefit from two Easter celebrations as a result. We had a wonderful time here on the farm for English Easter with our Easter egg hunt and activities, then the following weekend we travelled with Clio and her friend to Seaford to family friends hosting Greek Easter in the UK this year.


Orthodox Greek Easter 2018


We are lucky enough to have Nick’s Mum living close by and we were able to stay there along with Nick’s brother and his girls. This alone was wonderful for Clio, being surrounded by teenage girls for the weekend instead of all her brothers, who had opted to stay home and run the farm for us this year. If you have ever watched my big fat Greek Wedding, then there is a certain ring of truth to it about every good Greek gathering. Food and socialising is everything. The day starts early for the host who has to prepare and begin to cook the spit roast lamb from early morning. Having hosted it ourselves in the past I know this takes plenty of skill and patience. By the time we all arrive armed with designated plates of food the lamb is well under way. Clio and her cousin took their seats by the BBQ to share lamb turning duties. 


Cousins turning the lamb at Orthodox Greek Easter


Let the merriment begin.


The day rolls by in a blur of socializing, mouth watering Greek delights, wine and music. It is wonderful seeing all the generations mixing together with the younger children enjoying the day alongside the teens, adults, and grandparents.  



The smells of food waft from the BBQ and kitchen making everyone hungry. I think starters may be my favourite part, there are so many to choose from though Kokoretzi has few takers so I get more than my fair share (all the bits of the lamb you would probably never use like liver, kidney, tongue etc on a big BBQ skewer – look away now if you are vegetarian).  


Greek Easter starters


But filling up completely is a mistake with Greek style roast to follow.


Spit roast lamb at Greek Easter


Play time and cracking the red eggs is always the best part for the children


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A welcome pause in the food allows just enough of a gap to tuck into puddings.


Greek puddings


We left late afternoon full and happy while Yia Yia brought all the girls home later. Phone games and bubble blowing kept the cousins busy while the little ones played and the more senior generation took 40 winkes! 


Relaxing at Greek Easter


Celebrating Orthodox Greek Easter in Seaford



Next year Orthodox Greek Easter falls at the end of the English school holidays so we are hosting down at Coombe Mill, be warned if you happen to be staying that week, you may just get an unexpected invite to join our festivities.  

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