Embracing my midlife crisis

Posted on April 28th, 2018

This time of year is birthday season in our house. My triplets have just celebrated their 14th birthday and my eldest is about to turn 20. We spent a lovely day in Plymouth with the triplets last weekend having lunch out, shopping and them ice skating for the kids and car shopping for Nick and me. It was a beautiful day and we walked to the car showroom round the Barbican and harbour soaking up the sun and the boats. Why the midlife crisis you may ask. Well that’s what my kids have dubbed it since it is a soft top I’m after as a late 50th present to myself. The weather the past couple of weeks has really pushed my soft top craving up the agenda and on Thursday evening I took ownership of an old SAAB convertible. Despite laughing at me and telling me SAAB is a real old persons car, my two eldest couldn’t wait to give it a spin and Theo has declared it perfect for him to learn to drive in. I know I will be fighting to drive my own car on a sunny day from here on in. Fingers crossed I haven’t put a curse on the summer weather now for everyone! I have checked my golf clubs fit in the boot and even my body board and beach kit so I am all set as a middle aged poser.

Nick and I are off on a little weekend away right now in my new car complete with twin sets of golf clubs while our kids manage the business. I have to say if this is having midlife crisis I can thoroughly recommend it!

Plymouth Barbican seafront in the summer sun last weekend.

Plymouth Waterfront

The end of a beautiful day on the golf course.

Golf course at sunset

Driving out in my gorgeous new car dubbed my midlife crisis.

My new car


All the photos this week are simple iPhone snaps out and about. I’ll return to a more farm focus next week which incidentally is looking wonderful, bursting with summer colour and new born animals.  Here is a little taster:

Rhododendrons in the cottage gardens at Coombe Mill

rhododendron at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays

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