Kindness with Coombe Mill Rocks and a Wishing Tree

Posted on May 11th, 2018

Sometimes I have an idea bubbling that I just know I have to use. Kindness Rocks groups have been springing up all around on Facebook and I have been impressed with the fun they are generating. Michelle from Mummy from the Heart shared a post in February about her girls finding some of these rocks and making their own and I thought then we should start a Coombe Mill Rocks page. We have finally set up the page and added many of the decorated Rocks and plaques from around Coombe Mill. To these I planned to add more from activity hour.  I have also had a yearning to make a wishing tree. The two projects felt similar enough to tie together by adding kindness messages to a designated wishing tree.


Kindness with Coombe Mill Rocks and a Wishing Tree

More about Kindness Rocks

 In case you are unfamiliar with kindness rocks, the idea is to find a rock, say in the local Facebook where you found it and then re-hide it somewhere else to be found again. The originator write on the back where the stone is from and you can see how far they travel. For this reason I thought it would be perfect for holiday makers here, they can create and take rocks all round the country and further. If you fancy getting involved join our group.  

Kindness tags for our wishing Tree

We began with our kindness tags and the children were soon absorbed in choosing which phrases to use and decorating their coloured card with their choice of material scraps.


Making wishing tags

Coombe Mill Rocks Nature Trail

As I wanted to finish the tags with nature we set off outside on a kindness rock hunt. I have quite a collection scattered over the fairy gardens and new wildlife trail and handed the children a tick sheet with just 16 on to see if they could spot them all on our walk and also to inspire them for making their own later.


kindness rock hunt


When everyone had found all the stones I reminded them to look for some colourful petals and leaves on their way back to finish their Kindness tags


Collecting Nature


Back in the Games room we put the finishing touches to our tags, laminated them and punched holes to add string for hanging and floristry ribbon to spin in the breeze.


Finishing wishing tags

Making Coombe Mill Kindness Rocks

It was time to use my collection of white painted rocks from the farm. Everyone chose one and set to work using their choice of felt tips or paint to carefully create their own special designs.  


Painting Kindness rocks


I took all the rocks back to my house to dry then varnished them and laid them out for the children to collect after the tractor ride the following morning. They all disappeared. We will have to wait and see if they turn up hidden at Coombe Mill or somewhere near you. They all have Coombe Mill Rocks on the back in permanent market so do let me know if you find one!

Creating our Wishing Tree

Our final task of the afternoon was to return to the nature trail and begin to populate my designated wishing tree. It is a fruit tree and just coming into blossom. We hung our kindness tags and watched as they swirled in the wind.


hanging tags on wishing tree


I’m delighted with our start to our wishing tree and a Coombe Mill Rocks collection. I think we will be adding to both over the coming weeks.  


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