Lamb walking replaces dog walking

Posted on May 12th, 2018

So last week I shared the tale of our abandoned lamb and show she was thriving being brought up by us. Now she has taken on official pet status. A lamb will follow you to the ends of the earth if it thinks you are taking care of it and our little Lambo is no different. Every morning she accompanies me on the farm checks, sniffing out the other animals and tripping me up darting between my welly boots. My heart melts when she cries as I leave her in her field for the day. Knowing how obedient she had become I thought she would love a walk in the woods and I was keen to see if the bluebells were finally out with the warm weekend weather. Jed was at a loose end and happily came along. I grabbed my camera at the last moment and was glad I did, it was a perfect opportunity to capture some pretty photos of the bluebells and a few unguarded ones of lamb walking with Jed and little Lambo. They sauntered along together and whenever Jed ran Lambo kept up leaping over the bluebells to stay right on his heels.  The guests this week did ask if Nick’s choice of Lambo was short for a Lamborghini he was hankering after, well she certainly warrants that version after racing through the woods. Lambo as a female version of Rambo, the little warrior, is the other interpretation. I think both are rather fitting.

Jed and Lambo looking down towards the river Camel

Jed and Lambo looking down to the river Camel  


Lambo Racing through the woods after Jed

 Lambo running after Jed through bluebell woods 


Time for a well deserved bottle of lambs milk

Bottle feeding Lambo in the woods


Lamb walking homeward bound

Lamb walking in bluebell woods


Woodland Bluebells close up

Woodland Bluebells close up


Lambo will stay bottle fed until the summer, if you are coming to see us you’ll have a turn at feeding her and can even take her out lamb walking. 

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